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Accessing AOTI Database for Research

AOTI has a formal procedure governing how researchers access the AOTI database for research purposes.

In order to facilitate research in occupational therapy in Ireland we encourage you, as a member of AOTI, to log in and edit your membership details and tick the box which states that you are willing to participate in research. This will enable the AOTI office to send you an email inviting you to participate in research. (For those members who have already agreed to be involved in research many thanks).

Your email is NEVER given directly to a researcher. AOTI does not circulate members' information to any outside bodies and will not circulate contact lists of members to individual researchers. 

Procedure to access the database for Research purposes

AOTI as an organistation supports research and if the procedure outlined below is followed, research details will be forwarded to the members of AOTI on the database who have expressed an interest in participating in reseach. 

If a researcher wishes to contact members of AOTI they must approach the AOTI Research Committee via the AOTI office by email to request authorisation ( Please mark the email for the attention of the AOTI Research Committee. The following attachments must be with the initial email request;

  • A brief title or the area of study as this will be in the title of the email to attract participants (max 8 words).
  • A brief (max.250 words) description of the proposed research with headings e.g. introduction, purpose, participants, data collection and contact details. This will be used in the email to attract participants to the study.
  • Proof of Ethics Committee approval for the research (include a copy of such approval letters by email or scanning)
  • Participant Information sheet that will be used to recruit participants
  • If completing a survey it is recommended that you consider an electronic survey for data collection. This electronic link can be circulated in the email sent out to AOTI members via the database. Alternatively, a word document version of the survey will be attached to the email.
  • Please ensure that you include your email address or other contact details in the description of your research project as the AOTI members who are interested in participating in your study will then contact you directly or complete the surveys attached in the email.

To access specific Advisory Group members the Chair of the Research Committee will contact the Chair of the Advisory Groups when all relevant information has been received and approved.

Cost of Application

Members of AOTI can access the AOTI database for research following this procedure with no charge. For non- members of AOTI there is a fee of €30 for this service. Cheques to be made payable to Association of Occupational Therapists of Ireland and posted to the AOTI office (Office 1 & 2, First Floor, Haymarket House, Smithfield, Dublin 7.

Once received

The Research Committee will coordinate the access of the AOTI database for research purposes with the AOTI Office Manager. The Chair of the AOTI Committee plus one group member will be responsible for giving approval for access to the database if the procedures have been adhered to and will instruct the AOTI Office Manager to circulate the relevant information on the database when payment has been received. The AOTI Executive Council will be contacted by the Chair of the Research Committee with any queries and will also approve the research database requests if the Research Committee is not in situ.

Timeline of successful application

If the research is acceptable to AOTI, the researcher will be informed by email and a copy of the description of the study will be sent to the AOTI membership via email who have agreed to participate in research.

AOTI will aim to process the first access to the database within 4 weeks of receipt of all relevant information.

AOTI will send out research requests once to the database and only on request from the researcher will it be sent out once more two weeks later. There will be no third sending of the research request by AOTI via email.

Please note

  • AOTI will not canvas for research participants for any piece of research. 
  • It is not the responsibility of AOTI to ensure the research has taken place in the agreed manner, and AOTI do not endorse the results of any researcher.
  • Also, by accessing the AOTI database for research purposes it is mandatory that the research abstract is added to the research abstracts that will be collated on the AOTI Research website. AOTI also strongly encourage that the research is published in the journal and / or presented at AOTI conference to share the results with AOTI members and to support further occupational therapy research and development in Ireland.


Please ensure that the following is included in your email to the AOTI office ( for attention of AOTI Research Committee



Brief title


Brief description of study with headings


Proof of ethics committee approval


Participant information sheet


Contact Email


AOTI membership number or fee of €30



Devised by AOTI Research Committee and approved by AOTI Council November 2010



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