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Case Studies

The following Case studies and examples give you an idea of what to expect from OT's in different settings.

Role of Occupational Therapy in Mental Health

 Occupational Therapists are health professionals who work with you to increase your independence in and satisfaction with the everyday activities and roles that give meaning to your life. Occupational Therapists work as part of a team of mental health multididciplinary professionals.

An occupational therapist will help you to develop personal goals and to understand what is preventing you from reaching these goals.  Your occupational therapist will then support you, using your strengths, to achieve these goals.  You might see the occupational therapist individually, as part of a group or both. Your plan may include some of the following:

Gaining a better understanding of your mental health so you can take an active part in your wellness and recovery

  • Developing the skills you need to live more independently such as shopping, cooking, budgeting, using public transport and home management.
  • Finding a routine that allows you to do everything you want or need to do in your life.
  • Learning how to cope with stress or anxiety.
  • Taking part in enjoyable activities.
  • Making friends and finding social support
  • Returning to or staying in work or education
  • Taking part in the life roles that are important to you and define who you are
  • Getting in touch with community groups or organisations

Because you are a unique person your occupational therapy plan will be designed with you taking into account what is important for your mental health and the quality of your life.

Mental Health Advisory Group, Association of Occupational Therapists of Ireland (September 2011)

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