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AOTI Housing Design Guidelines for Occupational Therapists

The 2nd edition of the Housing Design Guidelines for Occupational Therapists was launched by AOTI in April this year. The Guidelines were developed by the AOTI Housing Advisory Group


The Housing Design Guidelines for Occupational Therapists are an invaluable resource for occupational therapists whose work involves housing and home adaptation. Below is an outline of contents of the Guidelines.

Part 1: Technical Information and Guidance

Chapter 1: Assessment and planning guide

Chapter 2: Measurements to note

Chapter 3: Approach and entrance

Chapter 4: Ramps

Chapter 5: Internal environment

Chapter 6: Bathrooms, shower rooms and toilets

Chapter 7: Bedrooms

Chapter 8: Kitchens and dining rooms

Chapter 9: Utility and laundry rooms

Chapter 10: Living rooms

Chapter 11: Gardens, patios and private outdoor spaces

Chapter 12: Environmental controls

Chapter 13: Lifts

Chapter 14: Hoists

Chapter 15: Slip resistant flooring

Chapter 16: Storage

Chapter 17: Lighting

Chapter 18: Switches, outlets, sockets and controls

Chapter 19: Fire safety and emergency planning

Chapter 20: Alarms

Part 2: Human Abilities and Design 

Chapter 21: Children with behaviours that challenge

Chapter 22: Adults with behaviours that challenge and/or cognitive impairment

Chapter 23: Mental health difficulties

Chapter 24: Deaf or hearing impaired

Chapter 25: Sight loss

Chapter 26: Palliative care

Chapter 27: Epilepsy


Instrumental ADLs

Home access

Access to essential facilities

Access to toilet facilities

Access to bathing and showering



Key terminology

Relevant legislation

Useful organisations/ websites


The Housing Guidelines are only available to AOTI members. They are currently not available online due to an issue with our website and we are working to resolve this. In the meantime members of the Housing Advisory Group can get a hard copy posted to them. To join the Housing Advisory Group and get more details on how to get your copy please email 

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